If you would like to learn more about sponsorship opportunities at Washington Superbike, then please reach out to us by sending us an email - we're excited to talk with you! Alternatively, you can donate to us directly via Paypal.



Talent Acquisition
Our members develop strong job skills through Superbike and look forward to networking with sponsor companies. When you hire from Superbike, you hire from a group of passionate young professionals who are prepared to meet your team's standards for initiative, problem-solving, and dedication.

Brand Visibility
We display your logo on social media, merchandise, and the bike itself, presenting your brand at competition and in on-campus outreach events. Members of the UW community, and the motorcycle racing world, will recognize your company as one that supports a sustainable tech endeavor.


Crucial Funding
The team must purchase the raw materials and equipment that go into building our competition motorcycle each year. As a fully student-run organization, over 80% of our funding comes from corporate sponsorships offered by business like yours. Our success depends on your support.

Materials and Services
In-kind donations, such as components, services, and access to facilities, are immensely helpful to the team. For example, partnership with ANSYS gives us access to professional-level analysis tools to validate our structural design.

Thank you to our sponsors for helping to foster the next generation of engineering talent!