Washington Superbike is composed of three main teams: Mechanical, Electrical, and Business. Within these groups are specialized sub-teams, each led by passionate students across multiple disciplines. Our teams work in tandem to enter competitions with a ground-up build. Click the teams below to learn more!








The frame is the foundation of our racing motorcycle. The trellis frame design is optimized with structural analysis to achieve rigidity while reducing weight. The manufacturing process includes CNC machining and TIG welding.

Our team is looking for Mechanical Engineering major students who are interested in CAD Designing, Structural Analysis, and Machining.



The aerodynamics team defines the limit of our race bike. We optimize the aerodynamics design to reduce drag, provide cooling, and produce downforce. The fairings are manufactured with composite materials to create a lightweight, high-performance body kit.

Our team is looking for Mechanical, Aerospace Engineering, and Physics majors students that are interested in Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer, and Composite Manufacturing.

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The Drivetrain Team is responsible for the components that connect the mechanical output of the motor to the rear wheel, making the bike move upon applying the throttle. Optimizing the bike’s performance requires manipulating the gear ratio of the gears and sprockets to ensure we have the ideal maximum speed without compromising acceleration. 

We are looking for Aeronautics & Astronautics and Mechanical Engineering students interested in design, manufacturing, and assembly.



The Suspension Team designs and implements the systems responsible for keeping the bike on the road and the ride as smooth as possible. We design components such as the triple clamps and swingarm to adapt to our forks and shock absorber.

We primarily use Solidworks and ANSYS for design and machine shop tools/skills such as the lathe, mill, CNC, and TIG welding. Our team is mainly looking for Mechanical, Aeronautics & Astronautics, and Civil Engineering, though other disciplines are welcome to apply.

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The Electrical Team is responsible for all circuit design, as well as the integration of electrical components such as battery management systems, motors and motor controllers, control systems, and all power systems. The ability to design circuits, PCBs, and battery-packs are all exceedingly relevant skills. These types of tasks typically involve the use of design and simulation software such as Eagle and LTSpice. Further, hands-on dexterity will always have a place on the team, whether it's soldering, manufacturing battery-packs, or debugging circuits using oscilloscopes.

The Electrical Team recruits primarily from the Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering majors.



The Firmware Team is responsible for all embedded systems on the motorcycle, but focuses predominantly on embedded firmware. It is a subsection of the electrical team. Responsibilities typically involve programming microcontrollers to accomplish tasks for the electrical systems, such as mediating communication between devices, managing interactions between the rider and the electrical systems, as well as supervising the health of the electrical systems. Coding, most often in C or C++, is the most prevalent skill for the firmware team. Though, equally important is having knowledge of low-voltage circuitry, and specifically the hardware-software interface.

The Firmware Team predominately recruits from the Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Computer Science majors.





The Business Team is responsible for the marketing and financial aspects of the team. We secure grants and donations totaling thousands of dollars each year, which go towards the material and facility costs needed to manufacture the bike. As the public face of the team, we also coordinate outreach events and attend university activities such as Dawg Days, Engineering Discovery Days, and RSO Fairs. Lastly, Business Team members are responsible for building Superbike’s brand identity by creating creative and memorable website content and social media posts. Team members have the opportunity to grow their portfolios by designing flyers, newsletter layouts, videos, and other promotional media.

The Business Team is open to all majors, but primarily recruits students in Business, Finance, Economics, Industrial Engineering, and Human Centered Design.